Cultural Capital Cooperative (CCC) is an artist co-operative formed in 2016. Its current member base is: Nikita Gale, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Nour Mobarak, Blaine O’Neill, Patrick Staff. Their work addresses how the cooperative model can function for a diversity and pluralism of mutual ownership. CCC works to challenge assumptions of individual ownership, pervasive in the art field and broader political economy.

The cooperative’s video, CCCO#2 is a remake of Shigeru Izumiya’s horror film Death Powder (1986), reconsidering the body-horror aesthetics and post- cyberpunk narrative of the original film alongside images from contemporary culture. It was produced and is exhibited under a set of conditions determined by the cooperative, and was originally presented at LAXART in 2016, two days before the US presidential election.

In 2017-2018, CCCO sought legal counsel to assist in drafting a formal legal identity and a contract for the sale and transfer of their work. The artists worked with lawyer Daniel McClean in order to conceptualise a legal mechanism whereby the cooperative members could retain ownership of their work after its sale and transfer.

Flash Art - September 2018


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