My work is about relationships - physical relationships to objects (namely tools and technologies) and immaterial, intimate relationships that function on a psychological, interpersonal scale. I work across a variety mediums; however, much of my recent work has been video and sculpture installation. 

The choreographies we develop around how we relate to objects informs the choreographies we enact when we relate to others on an interpersonal level. The repeated enactments or reproductions of our relationships to objects circumscribes a score, and this score determines the shape of the relationships we develop between self and the field of objects and subjects outside of the self. Within this field outside of the self, there are not only subjects and objects but also our relationships to these subjects and objects. My work is about the moments of overlap and interchangeability of these relationships between the self and objects and the self and subjects.

I rely on the slippages and fluidity in the language I use to describe my practice because these slippages function like much of my work – terms like “object” and “reproduction” are of particular interest. The medium that best exemplifies this slipperiness is the human voice for its function as a vehicle for language but also because of its relationship to the body. My audio documentations of unscripted conversations or scripted essay-like writings generally serve as starting points for my recent video work. In my work, the personal is foundational. An object is a physical form and it is also a psychological form (in its psychoanalytical definition). Reproduction is as much a mechanical, technical process as it is a process rooted in sex, biology and the organic. Reproduction connects humans to the desire to extend and expand both biologically and through industrial processes. 

What happens when the actions or expectations reserved for a physical relationship to an object are replicated or reproduced in the realm of the psychological? This is the primary question of my current practice. I use my work to hypothesize what happens when physical relationships and psychological relationships crash and coalesce through repetition and overlap,and I am interested in the subsequent mutations and new objects that are formed through this contact.

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