My work is a series of interventions that highlight and question the ways in which ideologies of history and of capitalism are consumed by individuals. I am interested in humanizing the roles of consumer and producer within these systems. The work is typically takes form as collections of experimentations with the objective of illustrating a specific idea or mode of thinking.

My work is heuristic, interdisciplinary, and research-based. My practice incorporates elements from my own lived experience with elements culled from reality television, queer hip hop, the work of Wittgenstein, hooks, Foucault and Debord, film (especially ‘anti-narrative’ films), and black/queer subjectivity. By citing ‘non-art’ elements, I use citation as a means of reinforcing the significance of the source material. My work typically takes the form of installation, photography or text-based painting.

I am particularly interested in how desire, identity and memory are mediated through language and image. There is an inherent instability and, ultimately, failure of such modes of mediation that my work investigates by questioning the ways in which we are essentially consuming images and materials intended to represent a past reality when we “consume history.” These instances of instability arise out of the distance between reality and the images and language which we use to convey reality and occur at such a frequency that they have entered the realm of the quotidian. They are accepted and normalized within the experience of culture. I find this situation problematic since images and language, which can never fully represent reality, are used to inform and influence real actions.

Through my academic training in archaeology and anthropology and through my professional training in advertising, I have cultivated a practice that explores the relationship between material culture, identity, and language, specifically how identity is mediated through material, sound, desire and language. Representations mediated through image and language compress fully formed people into pictures and texts; it is these abstractions of representation that inform the perceptions of individuals consuming these representations. I am interested in exploring the condition of simultaneous experiences of presence and invisibility experienced by socially marginalized bodies that commonly encounter representations of their lived experience as spectacle.

The latest conceptual developments of my practice involve imagining the body as a site capable of both production and consumption of identity and considers how identity is constructed in the absence of a physical body and how this condition is expressed in everything from music to landscape to architecture to sculpture.


1983 Born in Anchorage, Alaska.
Lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

2006 BA Anthropology (Archaeological Studies) | Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

2014 Autographs | PARMER, Brooklyn, NY
2013 White Player: Niki | The Front, New Orleans, Louisiana
2012 1961 | {Poem88}, Atlanta, Georgia
2010 BOOLESH1T | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia (link)

The Last Brucennial | Bruce High Quality Foundation | New York City, NY

WORD! | Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (Decatur Book Festival), Atlanta, GA
Consuming Passions (cur. Amanda Parmer) | Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Atlanta, GA
BLOW-UP | {Poem88}, Atlanta, GA
(in)complete | {TEMP}, New York City, New York

Fountain Art Fair | Miami, FL
Made in Woodstock VI | The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, NY
Shared Southern Stories | Emily Amy Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Living Walls (Street Art Conference) | Atlanta, Georgia
Still Figuring It Out | RAC, New York City, New York
Untitled | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
50/50 | ABV Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Linearity | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Outside the Frame | Atlanta Photography Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Breathing Room | School of Visual Arts, New York City, New York
Under the Influence | Kianga Ellis Projects, New York City, New York
As The City Sleeps | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
The Future is Behind Us | Atlanta Preservation Center, Atlanta, Georgia
LaGrange National XXVII Biennial | Lamar Dodd Art Center/LaGrange Art Museum, LaGrange, Georgia
The Goods | Spruill Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
100,000 Cubicle Hours | Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia

I Am the Judge, I Am the Jury | Kianga Ellis Projects, New York City, New York
Postcard Pin Up Show | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
*Ground Floor | Dashboard Co-op, Atlanta, Georgia
A Decade of Photography in the Aftermath of 9/11 (cur. Ruben Natal-San Miguel) | Greenwich House Music School, New York, New York
Kianga Ellis Projects | Santa Fe, New Mexico
Exquisite: An Experimental Group Show | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Irrational Exuberance: A Recession Art Show | The Invisible Dog Gallery, New York City, New York
Esoteric Lore: Visual Storytelling | Auburn Avenue Research Library, Atlanta, Georgia
Double Vision | Beep Beep Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

Postcard Pin Up Show | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Adjustments | Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Aurora Coffee (Beep Beep Gallery), Atlanta, Georgia
Still Dope | Studio 900, Atlanta, Georgia
Super Pop! | Wm Turner Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
We Are Going to Eat You, Too | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
The Wonderful World Of... | Aurora Coffee (Beep Beep Gallery), Atlanta, Georgia
Cycle Through | Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
The Femme Fatale Show | WonderRoot Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Not You: Self Portrait Show | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

Postcard Pin Up Show | Mint Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

2013 National Endowment for the Arts Southern Constellations Fellowship | Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC
2013 Artist-in-Residence | Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
2012 Studio Artist Program | Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, Georgia
2011 Artist-in-Residence | Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, New York

2013 Artist | Dialogue | High Museum, Atlanta, GA
2013 Artist | CONVERSATIONS & CONSTELLATIONS with Nikita Gale | Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC
2012 Artist | Artist talk, 1961 | {Poem88}, Atlanta, GA
2012 Guest speaker | Decatur Book Festival, Atlanta, GA
2012 Guest speaker | Georgia State University, hosted by Faces of Feminism, Atlanta, GA
2012 Guest lecturer, Intro to Photography | Georgia State University, hosted by Jill Frank (professor), Atlanta, GA
2012 Artist | The Future is Behind Us, artist talk | Atlanta Preservation Center, Atlanta, GA
2012 Panelist | On Ambition, panel discussion | Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA

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